About Dolly

When Brooke buys a hand truck at the garden center to help her around the house, she couldn’t have known what an important part of her family it would become. Dolly becomes involved in the everyday life of her new family, Jacob 8, Michelle 6 and Hope 3. They all love her...even Bear, the family dog. Dolly tells her story of life and fun times with the Lewis family and prides herself on being strong and dependable.

Told by Dolly for ages 5 - 8, A Hand Truck Named Dolly is laced with humor and family values. The stories have vocabulary words sprinkled throughout and the illustrations bring all the characters to life. Word games like word search and a crossword puzzle in each book help readers further their knowledge of the vocabulary words. Information about topics in each book, such as Dog Training and Baseball in Book 1, is also included.

This multi award winning, fun, education book will have young readers asking for the next book to see what Dolly is up to.