About the Author

When Kay Whitehouse bought a small hand truck to help her move into a new house, she found herself talking to it and calling it Dolly. Kay began to consider how a hand truck would feel if purchased by a family that treated her like a real girl. She told her grandchildren a bedtime story about a hand truck named Dolly, and they begged her to write a book about her.

Then Kay met illustrator Mark Wayne Adams. When she told him about "Dolly," he pointed to his arm and said, "Look! Goosebumps!" That did it! Kay and Mark brought Dolly to life. Laced with humor, family values, and helpful vocabulary, every multi award winning book in the series is a joyous adventure. Kay lives in Florida with her black standard poodle named Bear.

To speak with the author directly you can email her @ whitehousekay12@gmail.com