A delightful book that offers a unique perspective on family and belonging.
—Jane R. Wood, Award-Winning Juvenile-Fiction Author
Great fun, educational, and highly recommended.
—Reviewed by Sarah Stuart for Readers' Favorite
Mom’s Choice Awards Gold Medalist
Readers' Favorite Five Stars
Florida Authors and Publishers Association

A Hand Truck Named Dolly, Dolly Becomes a Scout & Dolly, a Dog, and a Camper (Books 1, 2 & 3)

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"A Hand Truck Named Dolly"

Meet Dolly, a sweet and dependable hand truck! Dolly has been adopted into the wonderful home she has dreamed of for so long. She helps with gardening and household projects, and everyone loves her. Except Bear, the family dog—and he was here first. What will happen to Dolly if Bear doesn’t calm down?

"Dolly Becomes a Scout"

Dolly is in for some free-wheelin' fun as she helps Michelle's Girl Scout troop with their cookie project. But when disaster strikes, Dolly finds herself stranded and scared. Will she be reunited with her family?

"Dolly, a Dog, and a Camper"

Dolly is thrilled when she gets to go camping with her family in Key West, Florida. She loves carrying firewood and hanging out on the beach. One night, after the family watches Pinocchio and then pigs out on s'mores by the campfire, Dolly wishes on a star to be a real little girl. Will Dolly ever be able to accept herself as the easy-rolling hand truck she is?